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Value chain: Coconut 

Specific location

Podema, Kwentor and other villages (District Pantai Timur).


Kabupaten Sarmi is on the north coast of Papua province. It can be reached by boat or ground (road) from Jayapura. The region’s inhabitants are a mix of Melanesian and Papuan which is reflected in the language. 


Fishing, Farming.

Supporting facilities

Connecting road.

GEG intervention

GEG has just begun its intervention. It will include multiple capacity building training (GAP, Business, Management) and support for local ISPs. Coconut is the core commodity with copra, briquettes and fibres as follow-on products.

Year started


Government collaboration

Government has made some early financial commitments.

Achievement until 2020

GEG has already signed an LOI with the local ISP and has received a donation of equipment (Copra oven) from the GKI church of Papua. This tool will be managed by GEG and the farmers until they are ready to take it over themselves.

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