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GEG has developed an enterprise development scale to assess progress of the different enterprises and entrepreneurs that have engaged with the program in some way. This starts with a basic enterprise which has a clear business concept and some early working capital to a fully sustainable and bankable enterprise which if it desired could obtain a loan from the bank. There are four levels in the system and GEG  provides training and mentors various entrepreneurs to allow them to progress to the different levels (A,B,C,D).  Different criteria have to be fulfilled for each level. Entrepreneurs who agree to work with GEG are all tracked on the same scale.

Towards Bankable Papuan Community-Based Business

One of the mandates of GEG is to assist beneficiaries so that they are ready to become a sustainable or bankable institution. When mentoring a business / entity / village enterprise, the  first question  is the reasons why the business exists and why the chosen commodity. This is one of the main questions needed in preparing the business canvas that also helps in exploring strengths and weaknesses which can be used as a reference in running the business. The other priority area of GEG assistance is financial literacy.


Financial literacy is the key to managing business finances in the villages Papua and West Papua and is closely linked to household economic management. The nature of household spending, which is predominantly managed by mothers who also play a role as the main business actor, has influenced our decision to include these business women on the mentoring program, in addition to village administrators or village enterprises.  

It is hoped that this will result in good practice of financial records for producer groups and village enterprises. So that the progress of production and production value can be monitored. 


In urban areas, financial literacy is carried out with a more advanced approach by applying business implementation assistance using a business canvas model followed by  a business plan. This can help determine the level of the business and later on to also track the business progress.

GEG collaborates with groups of young entrepreneurs in Jayapura area such as Association of Young Papuan Entrepreneurs (GARAP) and Prestasi Junior Indonesia (PJI) to accommodate activities aimed at young entrepreneurs in the area. GEG  provides a "youth hub or co-working space" as a point of collaboration and coordination for groups and local business actors. This co-working space is located at the office of YPMD, the first NGO in Jayapura.

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