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Papuan Cocoa

Together with the Government of Jayapura District, GEG initiated a rehabilitation  program and replacement of diseased trees with certified healthy seedlings produced by nurseries, built and managed by farmers trained by the GEG Program

Programme Intervention in

The Papuan Cocoa Value Chain

202021113 GEG Report June 20 [DIAGRAMS]2

Cocoa is a historic green commodity in Papua. The greatest need today, given the challenges of low seed productivity and quality,  is to develop economic scale for supply chains and price stability. 


GEG  is working with local experts and authorities to design a new approach to support the sustainable cocoa commodity value chain in Papua: to help rehabilitate the trees and to increase production, to provide field-based training for farmers in order to ensure management of crops so that   nursery production and seed distribution become a source of income. 

In the cocoa value chain, GEG supports the rehabilitation of cocoa farming stocks following a reduction in the number of diseases in previous years (2012-2015). The establishment of small nurseries has provided temporary income for some farmers and is the start of a long-term inter-farmer rehabilitation program.

GEG has started negotiations with chocolate producers as well as with gourmet chocolate entrepreneurs who are interested in launching chocolate products from Papua to buy cocoa as soon as the trees begin to bear fruit.

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