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Papuan Sago

The GEG team has helped PT. Putri Numbay, the main sago ISP to develop attractive packaging for sago flour and noodle products

Programme Intervention in

The Papuan Sago Value Chain

202021113 GEG Report June 20 [DIAGRAMS]6

The complex customary user rights of sago palms, community politics and residual distrust caused by previous projects has meant that no single pilot site has been able to generate commitment from local communities to collaborate with GEG yet.

Due to these challenges, the GEG team has decided to change strategies and work on the other end of the sago value chain.  GEG aims to provide incentives to sago farmers to supply raw sago and work with several ISPs and their producer groups to produce dry sago noodles, and possibly other flour and sago for the retail market in Papua. It is hoped that this approach will demonstrate to Papuans that sago can be used to produce other products.

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