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Papuan Seaweed

Seaweed nurseries are successful in producing stocks to allow the expansion of the resource to commercially viable quantities

Programme Intervention in

The Papuan Seaweed Value Chain

202021113 GEG Report June 20 [DIAGRAMS]7

Farmers in GEG pilot sites initially had difficulty developing the techniques needed to successfully cultivate seaweed in different locations.

Today, seaweed nurseries are successfully producing stocks to allow resource expansion to commercially viable quantities. GEG Team will continue to intervene in the sale of seeds and also conduct intensive training on seaweed-based snacks.

Seaweed has promising future prospects based on an ever-expanding base of product development. Seaweed harvesting cycles are relatively fast, around 45 days, with low initial costs and minimal environmental impact if done correctly.


Seaweed is a healthy green investment for Papua's coastal economy. The choice of a seaweed farming location is important as it requires high salinity and clear water to ensure fast and healthy plant growth.

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