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Pegunungan Bintang

Value chain: Coffee

Specific location

Kiriwok, Kiwi, Okbab,and other villages.


Kiwirok district lies in the central cordillera of Papua Island, and shares the border with Papua New Guinea (PNG). The majority of Kiwirok people belong to the Murob tribe. Their tribal and linguistic boundaries cross the PNG border and there is significant traffic between the two areas. 



Supporting facilities

Small regional airfield.

GEG intervention

Multiple capacity building training (GAP).

Distribution of appropriate technology including drying houses .

Year started


Government collaboration

GEG has kept in communications with the local government. Meetings were planned in 2020 but have yet to transpire due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Achievement until 2020

Established a connection to a reliable buyer in Oksibil/Sentani

Increased production.

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