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Papuan coffee

The current demand for coffee from outlets has absorbed, and even exceeded, the supply of green bean coffee from producer groups in the highlands

202021113 GEG Report June 20 [DIAGRAMS].

Programme Intervention in

The Papuan Coffee Value Chain

The highest financial value and productivity generated through current GEG cross-commodity interventions can be seen in coffee

where the program works throughout the value chain, from farmers to roasters and coffee shop owners. The total value of coffee traded to date is Rp. 2,069,875,000 (GBP 110,689).


GEG has identified a strong demand for coffee both from the local and outside market and has established networks with key actors in local supply chains. The local demand for coffee now exceeds the supply of green bean coffee from highland producer groups.

GEG has planned to significantly increase production and improve post-harvest quality throughout 2020 to address the local coffee supply deficit.

Together with the respective local governments in Jayawijaya and Dogiyai, GEG seeks to significantly increase production and post-harvest quality to address local coffee supply deficits. GEG has received strong support from local governments to help increase Papuan farmers' coffee production.

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