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Papuan Coconut

Building an integrated small scale community based coconut industry

Programme Intervention in

The Papuan Coconut Value Chain

202021113 GEG Report June 20 [DIAGRAMS]3

GEG does not work with coconut farmers at the production end of this value chain but addresses constraints in processing steps. VCO has traditionally been a highly decentralized natural value chain and is produced incrementally, limiting the commercial viability of consistent quantity and quality.  Last year GEG focused on the main processors of VCO and on capacity building  of women's producer groups.


GEG has collaborated with two high potential groups aiming at being the center for the high quality production, storage and distribution for 21 other small groups (who are still retaining their independence as micro-producers). These groups have now succeeded in securing 60-80 million rupiah of village fund to increase VCO production and will receive support from GEG to build this new production capacity.

This support will enable these producer groups to meet the demands of their existing customers such as Bank Papua.

Since 2020, GEG has started to work together with Realita Sejahtera to develop the Realita Anugrah Integrated Coconut Production Group, a group formed for the management of coconut products by moving small industry-based small groups in the community, accepting sales of coconut fruit directly from the community.


Group modeling like this will motivate other groups in the industry to do the same in managing coconut, copra, cocopeat, coco fiber, coconut shell charcoal and white copra.

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