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Value chain: Cacao 

Specific location

Eight districts, 13 villages: District – Nimbokrang, Nimboran, Kemtuk Gresi, Namblong, Gresi Selatan, Yapi, Kaureh, Genyem and Jayapura city itself.


Kabupaten Jayapura is in Papua province. It also is the home of Jayapura, the capital of Papua and Kabupaten Jayapura. 



Supporting facilities

The capital city provides many facilities. The outlying districts have limited facilities. 

GEG Intervention

Multiple capacity building training (GAP, Business, Management).

Rehabilitation and establishment of nurseries and distribution of cacao seedlings.

Year started


Government collaboration

The government has promised significant funds to help support the cacao development.
GEG has been included on an ad-hoc cacao management group for the area.

Achievement until 2020

90,000 seedlings distributed and 38 nurseries set up.

A further 14 villages have approached GEG and asked for support.

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