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Supporting the development of nutmeg butter and other derivative products 

Specific location

Kampung Pirma, Brongkendik, Pahgernkindik and Kokas (Kampung Baru).


This area is found on the west coast of West Papua province. This area has been trading nutmeg with other islands for centuries. This has resulted in a mixed and cosmopolitan community. The Fakfak area has had centuries of interaction with the outside world and is dominated by a mixture of immigrants from other sea-going peoples of the archipelago. 


Growing nutmeg, subsistence farming, fishing, and small family businesses.

Supporting facilities

Access to shipping ports is available.

GEG intervention

GEG continues to work with the producer communities, traders, and ISP’s to develop nutmeg butter. The nutmeg butter produced from the nutmeg in Fakfak is of a higher grade and quality than anywhere else recorded. 
GEG is working with the local government to devise and implement new regulations on operating BUMKAMs (Village enterprises)

GEG has distributed 5 drying houses at the Department of Plantations and Farming, Bumkam Pahgernkindik, Koperasi Mystrica and Pak Her (Nutmeg trader).

GEG worked with Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) to help set up branchless banking in Kampung Baru.

Year started


Government collaboration

The Bupati has signed an LOI with GEG.

Head of the Plantation Department has provided nearly 100 kg of 

nutmeg nuts to develop a nutmeg butter industry.

The Bupati supports GEG in developing new regulations for BUMKAM.

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