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Value chain : Coffee

Specific location

Modio, Bomomani, Abameida.


These villages are located in the Mapia Tengah district, Papua province. The people are Papuans in language and ethnicity. 


Farming - coffee, short-term crops, peanuts, onions, sweet-potatos, corn, taro and various other types of vegetables. Most coffee farmers plant shade plants that they can consume, such as tamarillo, red pandanus fruit, cinnamon, lemon and banana.

Supporting facilities

A road was recently built into the area but is often closed.

GEG Intervention

Multiple capacity building training (GAP, Business, Management).

Distribution of agricultural equipment

Year started


Government collaboration

Government has been supportive but due to the remote location has been unable to offer strong support. Support includes supplying the farmers with packaging materials for the coffee.

Achievement until 2020

GEG was able to connect farmers with buyers in the main town of Nabire. This has led to increased production. The drying houses have been successful and supported the increase in production.

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