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Value chain: Coconut and Seaweed

Specific Location

Syoribo, Koryakam, Kansai and other smaller villages.


Numfor Island is located in the north of Cenderawasih Bay. It is administratively part of the Biak Numfor Regency, Papua province. The island of Numfor encompasses an area of around 384 km2, with a population of some 15,000 people.  Most of the inhabitants are Melanesian (coastal Papuan) in language and culture and live along the coast. 


Fishing, VCO production.

Supporting facilities

Small regional airport. 

GEG Intervention

GEG has introduced seaweed but is focused on developing VCO and related capacity skills.

Multiple capacity building training has been carried out (GAP, Business, Management).
Distributed various equipment to different enterprise groups to assist in value addition of coconut and seaweed products.        

Year started


Government collaboration

Government supplied seaweed plantings to a total cost of Rps 500,000,000.
Government continues to engage constructively with GEG.

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